GBVF and Human Trafficking has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years but more so since Covid-19 Pandemic. The consequence of lockdown being a major economic downturn, which resultantly impacted very negatively on Socio-Economic conditions plundering many into poverty making people vulnerable to the evils of Human Trafficking and GBVF and thus the statistics of these atrocities have spiked since.

GBVF is South Africa’s second Pandemic and in fact, the rest of the world is not far off from this. Domestic Violence has especially increased during the Covid-19 lockdown as frustration and depression levels have maximised. Forced Labour and sex trafficking have increased as Traffickers thrive in situations like the world is experiencing with Covid-19 by preying on peoples vulnerabilities.

In the past month alone, to mention a few amongst many cases of human trafficking.  Three weeks ago in Sandton 3 girls were rescued from sex trafficking. They were being held in an apartment after being lured from Upington to Sandton and used for prostitution. Last week a 13-year-old was rescued from sex trafficking too in the Vaal area. She was allegedly kidnapped and about to be sold to a human trafficking syndicate by her step-mother and step-grandmother for R40 million. In East London, 3 weeks ago, a 13-year-old down syndrome girl and a 15-year-old boy was rescued from sex trafficking after their mother sold them  to two shop owners in Keiskammahoek. In all these cases perpetrators have been arrested.

Gender-Based Violence cases in the past month to mention a few. Last week, ACT Africa received two calls for help against extreme domestic violence in less than 5 days. In both cases, alcohol was a huge driver and the men after being intoxicated became very abusive towards their wives, threatening to kill them. Last week Thursday a woman was beaten and burnt to death in Walkerville. Two weeks ago in Kwazulu Natal an 11-year-old was allegedly raped by her teacher in the toilet and threatened to be killed if she reported the matter to anyone.  Lerato Nkadimeng was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, her funeral was on 6 June 2021.

The Press Conference held at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton on 24 June, highlighted programmes to help men, offered by some of the organisations participating at the International Men’s Gender-Based Violence Conference on 18 September, which aims to address these atrocities by together with the men attending to find tangible solutions to break these cycles and to provide at the conference help for perpetrators and abused to receive the needed help from the various organisations present like NICDAM, SADAG, SANCA, FAN, MADA and Come Back Mission for continued assistance to break the cycle of abuse in their lives.

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