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Educating & Raising Awareness

ACT Africa is dedicated to Saving Lives through Awareness and Education. Our Focus is to prevent and break the vicious cycles of Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking, reducing the statistics. We raise awareness and education about Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence, providing basic assistance to victims and creating campaigns focused on prevention. Join us in our mission to bring about positive change in Africa & Globally.


Combat the rise of  Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence across the African continent.

About ACT Africa

Behind the scenes

About Act Africa's trustees

Hilary Leong

Matthew Mensah

Our Services

Train. Coach. Speach


We provide training on human trafficking, Gender-Based Violence, Creating Safe Spaces, Self-Defense, Cybercrime and Online Trafficking

Public Speaking​

We provide public speaking at events, schools and companies on Human Trafficking, Gender-Based Violence, Social-ills, Parenting, Youth Development, Inspirational and Motivational

Life Coaching

Life, Business, Career, Motivational, Inspirational, Parental and Kids Coaching

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