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The N2V No 2 Violence boardgame is an educational initiative to inform young students in South African schools about critical subjects such as domestic and gender based violence. The Monster Mayhem Defeating GBV Boardgame is designed to be group interactive, challenging, and engaging, catering to students aged 10 to 18, employing language that is both age-appropriate and easy to grasp.


  • Eco-friendly Emoji play mat
  • 9 Monster Cards
  • 20 Word Cards
  • 8 Draw Cards
  • 24 Guess Cards
  • 49 Trivia cards
  • 40 NO! Tokens
  • Rule book
  • Boardgame box base and lid.
  • 3 drawstring bags for the cards.

Can be played as follows:
4 to 6 players or 4 to 6 groups.

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