Press Conference Held for Upcoming International Men’s GBVF Conference on 14 August 2021 – Moved to 18 September

Press Conference Held for Upcoming International Men’s GBVF Conference on 14 August 2021 – Moved to 18 September

GBVF and Human Trafficking has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years but more so since Covid-19 Pandemic. The consequence of lockdown being a major economic downturn, which resultantly impacted very negatively on Socio-Economic conditions plundering many into poverty making people vulnerable to the evils of Human Trafficking and GBVF and thus the statistics of these atrocities have spiked since.

GBVF is South Africa’s second Pandemic and in fact, the rest of the world is not far off from this. Domestic Violence has especially increased during the Covid-19 lockdown as frustration and depression levels have maximised. Forced Labour and sex trafficking have increased as Traffickers thrive in situations like the world is experiencing with Covid-19 by preying on peoples vulnerabilities.

In the past month alone, to mention a few amongst many cases of human trafficking.  Three weeks ago in Sandton 3 girls were rescued from sex trafficking. They were being held in an apartment after being lured from Upington to Sandton and used for prostitution. Last week a 13-year-old was rescued from sex trafficking too in the Vaal area. She was allegedly kidnapped and about to be sold to a human trafficking syndicate by her step-mother and step-grandmother for R40 million. In East London, 3 weeks ago, a 13-year-old down syndrome girl and a 15-year-old boy was rescued from sex trafficking after their mother sold them  to two shop owners in Keiskammahoek. In all these cases perpetrators have been arrested.

Gender-Based Violence cases in the past month to mention a few. Last week, ACT Africa received two calls for help against extreme domestic violence in less than 5 days. In both cases, alcohol was a huge driver and the men after being intoxicated became very abusive towards their wives, threatening to kill them. Last week Thursday a woman was beaten and burnt to death in Walkerville. Two weeks ago in Kwazulu Natal an 11-year-old was allegedly raped by her teacher in the toilet and threatened to be killed if she reported the matter to anyone.  Lerato Nkadimeng was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, her funeral was on 6 June 2021.

The Press Conference held at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton on 24 June, highlighted programmes to help men, offered by some of the organisations participating at the International Men’s Gender-Based Violence Conference on 18 September, which aims to address these atrocities by together with the men attending to find tangible solutions to break these cycles and to provide at the conference help for perpetrators and abused to receive the needed help from the various organisations present like NICDAM, SADAG, SANCA, FAN, MADA and Come Back Mission for continued assistance to break the cycle of abuse in their lives.

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Life Or Death

Life Or Death

A very tragic outcome for a GBVF Victim because of a 1-day delay, not even a full day.  She planned to leave her abusive relationship the Monday evening but then her partner killed her the Monday morning.:broken_heart::broken_heart:

This highlights the importance to act fast and not delay as this could have been the lady. Yesterday assisted a woman to get into a Shelter, and possibly her baby’s demise had there been a delay.:rotating_light: Once more Thank you to our Dep Chair/Spokesperson @Matthew Mensah for not delaying when he received the call for help :love_letter:

This highlights the importance of the availability of reputable Shelters and the support needed and as mentioned in my post yesterday, the majority are full. :woman-gesturing-ok::skin-tone-4:

It also highlights what an unhealthy abnormal society we living in if the several Shelters for victims of GBVF are full and more need to be opened.:rotating_light::disappointed_relieved:

March is International Women’s Month and it is Human Rights Month in South Africa. :flag-za: Sadly, none can be celebrated as it should be due to the Violation of Women and Children which is a Violation of Human Rights :broken_heart::broken_heart::cry::cry::rage::rage:

We have quite a few Shelters under our wing which we work with and We implore you to support Shelters for abused women and children. For Security’s sake, I will not mention the name of the Shelter/Safe House we arranged for the young lady and her baby to be taken to yesterday. They are in need of groceries as they are running short due to the influx of victims and help them on their healing journey at no cost. Should you wish to help in this regard,  please send us a DM, it will be a much-appreciated :pray::skin-tone-5::heart_decoration:

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Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

Human trafficking is a justice issue because persons who fall victim to trafficking are not random, but rather are part of populations made vulnerable through economic injustice, racial or ethnic oppression, gender discrimination, or any number of oppression.
Gender-based violence is a social justice issue. Part of the commitment we must make must be to restore dignity and accountability to millions of people who are denied this in their daily lives, including young men.
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Gender Based Violence Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Gender Based Violence Prevention Is Better Than Cure

•    Never takes responsibility and accountability for their abusive behaviour and externalizes the causes of their behaviour.  They shift the blame of their violence on circumstances such as stress, their partner’s attitude/behaviour, substance abuse and even that they having a bad day. Whatever so-called loophole they can find to blame-shift, they will use.
•    They will be pleasant and charming between periods of violence and to the outside world is a seemingly very nice person, upstanding and even helpful and often the life of the party. They often hide behind religion and come across as respected individuals to the outside but are actually devils in disguise. •    Objectifies the victim, displays unnatural possessiveness and often sees them as their property or sexual objects.
•    Has low self-esteem, feels powerless and ineffective in the world. Come across as being successful and could very well be financially but in reality, they feel inadequate even if they have attained this success.
•    Often minimizes the seriousness of the violence and the effect on the victim and other family members, as well as often denies that it happened.


•    Extreme jealousy
•    Possessiveness
•    Unpredictability
•    A bad temper
•    Cruelty to animals
•    Verbal abuse
•    Extremely controlling behaviour
•    Antiquated beliefs about the roles of women and men in relationships
•    Forced sex or disregard of their partner’s unwillingness to have sex
•    Sabotage of birth control methods or refusal to honour agreed-upon methods
•    Blaming the victim for anything bad that happens
•    Sabotage or obstruction of the victim’s ability to work or attend school
•    Controls all the finances
•    Abuse of other family members, children and or pets
•    Accusations of the victim flirting with others or having an affair
•    Control of what the victim wears and how they act
•    Demeaning the victim either privately or publicly
•    Embarrassment or humiliation of the victim in front of others
•    Harassment of the victim at work


Abusers are deliberately charming, attentive, and sweet at the beginning of a relationship. They will do whatever is needed to make you feel so appreciated and loved that you won’t even notice he is controlling you and sometimes it’s too late. However, there are warning signs to help detect an abusive relationship before it is too late.

1. Use Charm and Romance as a distraction.

Buy you flowers, gifts, take you on holidays basically they will try to please your every desire and likely to be the most romantic person you have ever met. Pays attention to you and make you feel special and wanted to the point that you may start thinking that he is too good to be true and when that thought arises take heed because it is. Trust is an important factor they work on as they need you to do so and to develop strong feelings as it makes it easier to control someone who loves you. In essence, they will do what it takes to distract you from their negative behaviours such as control and jealousy in the beginning.

2. Often wants to commit quickly.

Uses lines that “it’s love at first sight”, you are made for each other and can’t imagine his/her life without you. Will charm the socks off you, say you are the love of his/her life and never loved someone as they love you. Often, they insist on being exclusive right from the onset and push to move in together or even get married as soon as possible. This is all to make you his/her possession as this makes them feel like they have power and in control. When you feel rushed which more than likely you will feel, don’t brush it aside and take your time and him/her must respect that. Abusers often don’t and their true colours often sneak out a bit at this stage as they now feel that they not in control and powerless.

3. Possessiveness.

Glare at other men/women for looking at you and even verbally and sometimes physically be abusive to whoever may be looking at you. I Will question you about your friends constantly. This jealousy may seem cute or even loving at first but soon their true colours will come out and make you feel guilty for spending time with friends and or family. They will text you several times a day and may accuse you of flirting or cheating especially if you do not respond when they expecting you to. If you do challenge this, they use the excuse to detract from their negative behaviour that he/she loves you so much, can’t stand the thought of anyone else being near you to the point that they will say to you that no one else will be with or near you and that they will not allow it. This is the beginning of isolation and it is not loving, it is an obsession. I share a personal experience of obsession and possessiveness – a guy pursuing me for a period of time eventually threatened to shoot me if I did not date him as he said if he can’t have me, nobody else will.

4. Misguided Concern.

This is to usurp you of your power and control over your life. Get’s angry if you don’t call him/her back right away or come home late and uses the excuse it’s because he/she worries about you. Wants complete detail of who you saw, where you went, what you were doing and even what your conversation was about. It will get to the point where you will not be allowed to make decisions to the extent even you will have to get an approval over everything including of who you spend time with and where you go. This is all guided as so-called care, love and have the audacity to say it’s because they know what’s best for you.

5. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome.

A sweet, loving person who everyone else sees and who you fell in love with and the other side of his/her persona who puts you down, makes you feel guilty and isolates you. Makes you believe that if you did things differently, loved more and or treated him/her better, he/she would be that sweet, loving person all the time. So this manipulation and mind games are used to make you feel guilty and keep you where they want you and you end up staying because you hope the person you love will change for the better but instead you will spend most of your time being controlled by the person who hurts you. Eventually, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

6. The Victim Card.

Like I mentioned before, never takes responsibility and accountability. It is always someone else’s fault, whether it’s for a bad day, work problems, being obtuse and rude and someone is out to get him/her especially in the workplace when things are not in their favour. Blame-shifting is the speciality if the person is upset, unhappy, feeling unfulfilled and will blame you for his/her negative feelings and actions as he/she expects you to fill those voids in their life.  Often the abuser will apologize for yelling, putting you down and or physically hurting you and it may even seem genuine but will always find a way to deflect from themselves and even make it your fault where you may start believing it is. The abuser will give you reasons using their so-called love for you as an excuse and often say it’s because him/ her loves you so much and or you drive him/her crazy. Take heed of these warning signs which is not exhaustive but sure are red flags. The first sign of these, get out. Please note, you cannot and it is not your responsibility to change anyone and you in denial if you choose to continue living in that hope which is self-destructive and could end up in you being maimed or murdered. The abuser will only change if they want to and takes responsibility and accountability for their abusive behaviour. You have a responsibility and accountability for yourself to protect yourself and to not enable this abusive behaviour by remaining in denial and staying in an abusive situation. Should you wish to donate, please click on the link below (edited) Written & Compiled by Hilary Leong and Matthew Mensah

Blessed and Beautiful End to 2020 and Start to 2021

Blessed and Beautiful End to 2020 and Start to 2021

Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa ACT Africa our New Years Eve preparing Food Relief Packs, masks and sanitisers for delivery to the needy on New Years Day. We give God All the Glory and Thank Him that we are able to Bless many families going through the most and provide them with some relief.🙏🏾💖 Thank You  to our sponsor AIDS Healthcare Foundation  for your assistance, much appreciated 🌟🌟💟

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If you are travelling this holiday season, be observant of those around you. Be alert to children or young adults appearing to be alone and individuals that are unable to speak for themselves or under someone else’s control.

Common Victim Behaviours and Indicators:

  • Frightened, ashamed or nervous
  • Anxious around uniformed security and police
  • Under the control of a companion
  • Unable to move freely without being watched closely
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Appearing drugged or malnourished
  • With few or no personal belongings
  • Inappropriately dressed for travel
  • Unsure of their destination, or who will be meeting them
  • Have scripted or inconsistent stories
  • Visible scars, wounds, or bruises
  • Without control of passport or travel documents


  • Do NOT confront anyone you suspect of engaging in human trafficking•
  • Do NOT try to rescue any possible victim•
  • Do NOT display any unusual concern or alarm•
  • Do NOT endanger yourself or others


  • Be observant of surroundings•
  • Note details of suspicious incidents•
  • Report suspected human trafficking incidents to SAPS and the TIPLINE numbers below•
  • Alert police, airport police If you suspect human trafficking or observe any harmful behaviour, report it as soon as possible.
  • If you are on an aeroplane, tell a flight attendant. If at the airport, alert the airport police or an employee.
  • If needed, write down a description of the situation.
  • Don’t stop there! You should also report incidents by calling the numbers below,


SAPS: 10111
CHILDLINE:0800 055 555
National Human Trafficking Hotline: 0800 222 777

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