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Awareness For

Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking Africa

Self Defense Classes

We offer self-defense classes for orphanages and shelters across South Africa.

We seek investment to expand our self-defense classes within South Africa and to other nations on the continent.

Your donation today can help put an end to Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking.

Awareness and Education

We promote Awareness and Education to save lives.
Our mission is to diminish the distressing statistics of Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence.
We aim to foster the development of safe, healthy, and productive individuals who positively impact their families, communities, and the world.
Your donation today can help support our campaigns.

Orphanage Africa

Our humanitarian campaign aims to raise continental awareness by highlighting the struggles of orphans and the state of orphanages throughout Africa.

We will be visiting a total of 13 countries, and have started with South Africa.

A documentary will be produced to increase awareness. This documentary will be internationally screened and viewed by individuals, governments, and businesses to garner their support.

Donate today and contribute to saving lives!

CAHR Awards Winner

Community and Human Rights Awards.

With more than 300 nominations from across the continent, Awareness for Child Trafficking (ACT) Africa brought home the Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti Human Rights Award during the 2022 Community and Human Rights Awards ceremony held in Nigeria. The award was granted to the organization found to be the most exemplary in its compliance with human rights norms.

Thank you for attending our

ACT Africa International Men’s
GBVF Conference 2021

Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking - Before the Event - Matthew Mensah and Hilary Leong

Our fundraisers

Support us in our fundraising efforts for the following campaigns!

Self-Defence Classes For Women And Children
Awareness And Education
Orphanage Africa

Can you assist us?

Your donation will assist with the many causes that we have. 

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