Innocence Lost 

A Play about Child Trafficking      

National Children’s Theatre presents is a Theatre performance Innocence Lost, a play on Child Trafficking based on true story, with the support of and KAVOD. The play will tour to schools in and around Gauteng from 3rd May  to 13th May with the support of Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa).

Innocence Lost will be showcased to schools in some of the areas identified as Human Trafficking hotspots in Gauteng (viz.  Sandton, Mamelodi, Hillbrow, Soweto, Eldorado Park ….)and  hope to take this through to the rest of South Africa if we are able to raise the needed funding.

Of the trafficked victims recorded in Africa, 64% are children. This is a very tragic and bleak crisis prevailing which will worsen if nothing tangible is done.

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Should you wish to donate to help us fight and  break the cycles of  these vicious atrocities of Human Trafficking and Gender based Violence  especially during these perilous times and far into the future, You will be assisting and enabling us to fulfill  our mission to Save Lives Through Awareness and Education.

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Your donation will be used for the sustainability of our projects and the organisation.

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