Refugee Children Anywhere in The World are at heightened risk of violence, exploitation and abuse.



Human trafficking, forced into  child labour, exposed to aggravated smuggling. Displaced women and girls are especially at risk of Gender-based Violence.


  • Do not immediately assume that she is lost. Verify that the child is unaccompanied or has been separated from her family. Do not separate a child from her parents, siblings or other family members with whom she travelled.
  • Since the child’s caregiver may be close by, ask refugees in the immediate vicinity if they know the child. Do not leave the child. Unless there is imminent danger, remain at that location with the child until you can verify the caregiver’s whereabouts and ensure the child is in safe hands.
  • Do not, under any circumstance, leave the child with another volunteer. Do not accept help from another volunteer who offers to escort the child to safety.
  • If, following the above steps, you believe the child is unaccompanied or has been separated from his family, ask the child for his name, age, hometown and information about his family. Record any additional information that may help authorities with family tracing and reunification. If the child is unable to provide this information, ask other refugees travelling near the child what they know.
  • Keep the child’s clothes and belongings with her at all times. These might help authorities trace her family.
  • Contact a competent authority – such as the local municipality government, border police, Ukraine’s consular services in the host country, or officials from UNICEF. Share the child’s information and location, and follow the authority’s instructions. Do not leave the child.
  • Do not share information about the child with anyone else, aside from competent authorities.
  • Explain to the child what will happen next. Do not promise that you will find his parents: This could cause him additional confusion and distress if he’s received, instead, by the safe hands of a competent authority/child protection officer.
  • Do not leave the child until she is in the safe hands of a competent authority/child protection officer. Do not leave the child with anyone else.

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