We have been doing blogs, speaking on various platforms, hosting various programmes and activities about the dangers online, how predators are using online platforms to reel in their victims etc. and advice on how to keep safe.Two of such blogs amongst others which I refer to so we don’t rehash what’s already been penned down are:

Stop Online Child Sexual Abuse


Secret codes and language used by kids and traffickers.

Furthermore as per the Internet Watch Foundation, 2021 has been the worst year on record for Child Sexual Abuse Online 😱😱💔💔

” The Internet Watch Foundation reported its worst year on record for child sexual abuse online in 2021 as it confirmed 252,000 URLs containing images or videos of children being sexually abused, compared with 153,000 in the previous year.


As parents we need to protect our children at all costs. So here is how..

  1. Communication is key ie healthy and what I call Linear Communication and not Vertical Communication.  Linear means talking to someone at their level  so they feel comfortable to communicate and  Vertical means talking down and ultimately makes one uncomfortable to communicate.
  2. It is your business as the parent of a child to know what is happening in their lives, what clothes they wear, what’s in the school bag, cupboard, pocket, under the bed, who they meet, who their friends are, what sites they visit online, what social media platforms they on etc
  3. It is your business and responsibility as a parent to protect, provide, nurture and love your children.
  4. It is Not your business or right to abuse them mentally, emotionally and physically in any way, form or shape. Children learn from what parents do and are affected accordingly and this will become actionable in their lives in the  present and future .
  5. Human Trafficking and Gender based Violence does not only happen when the perpetrator and victim are physically present within the same space. It happens virtually too..which means over online platforms  and to mention a few like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, Twitter, Gaming Platforms, Internet Sites,  etc  

So we are not all tech savvy and able to protect our children online ourselves but help is out there to assist us in doing so.  ACT Africa believes in bringing tangible solutions to the Awareness and Education we came across one such tangible solution to assist with protecting your children online which is the Bark tech platform which offers this help  –


We strongly encourage you to go through it,  see how it works, download the app and get started with protecting your children.


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Written by: Hilary Leong