June 16th Youth Day

June 16th Youth Day

#Youth DayJune 16th🇿🇦✊🏾# Lest We Forget#

We commemorate Hector Pieterson and over 700 massacred💔💔#The Soweto massacre or Soweto uprisings are also known as June 16, were some of the biggest massacres of the apartheid regime in South Africa, mostly because it showed police repression against kids.

On June 16, 1976, Black high school children in Soweto protested against the Afrikaans medium decree of 1974 which forced the schools to use Afrikaans as e of the main languages in schools (50-50 with English): Afrikaans was to be used to teach mathematics, arithmetic, etc…

In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, many people preferred English as the school language, the commerce language, etc, because of the violence attached with Afrikaans which was the language of the oppressor.

Sadly 44 years later our youth are still being massacred by racism, drugs, human trafficking, gender-based violence, gangsterism etc💔💔💔💔


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