Before the festivities started, we made time for some Human Trafficking and Gender-based Violence awareness and taught them a self-defence tip should someone try to abduct/kidnap them 🙌🏾. Needless to say, the kids were in their element lol!!. 🌟😂
#AwarenessforChildTraffickingAfrica is 🌟✅
#savinglivesthrougheducationandawareness ✅
#selfdefensetips 💯
#endhumantrafficking ❌
#endgenderbasedviolence ❌

On the norm, we provide self-defence workshops to Orphanages/Shelters for women and children who are victims of human trafficking, Gender-based Violence,  all other forms of abuse and orphaned. This we extend to schools too.

In order to continue providing these valuable workshops coupled with Human Trafficking and Gender-based Violence Awareness and Education,  we need at least 1000 people to donate R100.00 plus monthly to assist us.

Should you wish to assist us please click on the link below to donate

Your support is appreciated🙏🏾💟

Hilary Leong
Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa
234-418 NPO
PBO: 930069833
Facebook:@Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa