If you are travelling this holiday season, be observant of those around you. Be alert to children or young adults appearing to be alone and individuals that are unable to speak for themselves or under someone else’s control.

Common Victim Behaviours and Indicators:

  • Frightened, ashamed or nervous
  • Anxious around uniformed security and police
  • Under the control of a companion
  • Unable to move freely without being watched closely
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Appearing drugged or malnourished
  • With few or no personal belongings
  • Inappropriately dressed for travel
  • Unsure of their destination, or who will be meeting them
  • Have scripted or inconsistent stories
  • Visible scars, wounds, or bruises
  • Without control of passport or travel documents


  • Do NOT confront anyone you suspect of engaging in human trafficking•
  • Do NOT try to rescue any possible victim•
  • Do NOT display any unusual concern or alarm•
  • Do NOT endanger yourself or others


  • Be observant of surroundings•
  • Note details of suspicious incidents•
  • Report suspected human trafficking incidents to SAPS and the TIPLINE numbers below•
  • Alert police, airport police If you suspect human trafficking or observe any harmful behaviour, report it as soon as possible.
  • If you are on an aeroplane, tell a flight attendant. If at the airport, alert the airport police or an employee.
  • If needed, write down a description of the situation.
  • Don’t stop there! You should also report incidents by calling the numbers below,


SAPS: 10111
CHILDLINE:0800 055 555
National Human Trafficking Hotline: 0800 222 777

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