No To Violence And Stop The Traffic Educational Board Games


A project to make board games intended to educate and inform young male and female children about Human Trafficking and Gender-based Violence and prevent them from becoming perpetrators and or victims.



With the continuous rise of Human Trafficking and Gender-based Violence in South Africa, ACT Africa is setting up a board game project aimed at educating young girls and boys in our South African schools about Human Trafficking and the pandemic of Gender-based Violence.

Using play as a form of learning, the board games are intended to teach with understanding about various aspects of these issues. With the belief that instilling correct knowledge into young minds about Human Trafficking and Gender-based violence from a tender age.

The desired outcome of this project is through corrective learning; our children will choose to not be future perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence as well as get caught up in Human Trafficking as victims and/or as recruiters, as they will be able to recognize possible indicators and will be active advocates against these matters, thus assisting with dropping statistics and breaking the cycle.

We are aiming to reach 13 million school children across 25 000 schools in South Africa.
The games will be group interactive, challenging and engaging. Designed for school children 12 to 18 years of age; it will use age-appropriate and quick-to-understand language. 

Stereotypes around Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence, definitions, safety tips about Human Trafficking, after-effects of both issues, and any other knowledge on these issues will be covered.

As an organization, we recognize educational play as one of the best ways to not only teach but to keep children’s attention for longer periods of time.



Intellectual Property Rights apply to these games as they are Trademarked. They are currently in its final phase of development and we have completed two rounds of research which has shed clarity on the direction of the game.

In order to take the games to the next level, which is:

  • Conceptualizing the perfect game concept,
  • Designing the game,
  • The rules and all playable elements,
  • Playtesting the game and fine-tuning (for ultimate success) and then finally
  • Production and distribution of the game which includes creating a website and marketing,
  • A budget of R5 million is needed to fund it all if 5000 N2V and 5000 N2T games are to be given to each Province in South Africa for distribution to schools and organizations.

The games will be sent to MEC’s of Educations, Mayors, Ministry of Education & Higher Education, The Presidency, UNICEF Women, Premiers, and other stakeholders across South Africa. This is to ensure that the 13 Million children across 25 000 schools will get access to these games.

Our current partners include Spoor & Fisher Attorneys and Accenture
Once more funding has been secured, the completion timeline until ready for production and distension per game is 3 months.

Your partnership by way of sponsorship is much appreciated and will contribute to breaking the evil cycles of Gender-based Violence and Human Trafficking and our Mission to Save Lives Through Awareness and Education.

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