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Self-Defence Classes For Women and Children

We conduct self-defence classes for orphanages and shelters within South Africa. 

We are looking for investment to extend our Self-Defence classes within South Africa and to other countries on the continent.

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Launching ACT Africa

  • We provide Awareness and Education.
  • Save lives through Awareness and Education.
  • Reduce the increasingly alarming statistics of Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence.
  • Encourage and assist with creating safe, healthy and productive persons who as a result contribute positively to their families, communities, countries and the world at large.

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Orphanage Africa

Our humanitarian campaign is to create continental awareness showcasing the plight of orphans and the conditions found in various orphanages across Africa. 

A total of 13 countries will be visited starting in South Africa. 

A documentary will be made to raise awareness. An international screening for this documentary will be viewed by individuals, governments and businesses for their support.

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Shelters and Foundations, We Support

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